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Genre: Progressive Metal
Sensory Records

I reviewed “DeEvolution”, the debutalbum from Cynthesis, very positively at the time of its release in 2011 but since then, the album has seen a frequent return to the stereo and has continued to get better and better over the ensuing couple of years since its release. My anticipation levels for the follow-up have therefore been very high for some time and I’m delighted, not to mention relieved, to report that I am in no way disappointed. In actual fact, “ReEvolution” is the second disc in what is hoped will be a dystopian trilogy and follows a shaman that, in the course of gathering more slaves, discovers a tribe, from whom he eventually realises he was taken and sets them free. Jasun Tipton is again the main song writer and so compositionally, “ReEvolution” pretty much takes up where Cynthesis’ debut album left off. Joined once more by his brother Troy (bass), former Zero Hour vocalist Erik Rosvold and Enchant’s Sean Flanagan (drums), the music is, as you would expect, out of the very top draw. It is undeniably progressive metal at its core and there are plenty of impressive technicalities to be heard throughout, particularly where the string instruments are concerned. And when the guitar and bass are both in full flow, it is difficult not to be reminded of the excesses of Zero Hour. However, in keeping with its predecessor, the complexity is tempered significantly by some wonderfully lush melodies and all-encompassing atmospherics. Swathes of keyboards drench large passages of the material, often only accompanied by quiet picked guitars and Rosvold’s impressively passionate vocals. As evidenced on “The Noble Lie”, this relative simplicity can also create some of the best and most emotional moments on an album that is dark and oppressive and yet seductive and addictive. That said, the epic “Release The Deity” has to be the finest moment on this record. It is over thirteen minutes long but flies by as it gently builds from a very delicate opening right through to an outpouring of aggression and emotion in its final movement. The crescendo is stunning and is one of those moments when, as you listen for the first time, you are stopped dead in your tracks, goose bumps appear and whilst it plays out, nothing else matters. If you liked the debut, then “ReEvolution” is utterly essential.
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CYNTHESIS: California Prog Outfit Releases New Track Via Sea Of Tranquility

ReEvolution, the glorious second full-length from Pleasanton, California-based progressive metal supergroup CYNTHESIS, is now less than a week from release, the album to hit stores worldwide this Tuesday, June 4th, via Sensory Records.
In advance of the release of ReEvolution, today prog/metal outlet Sea Of Tranquility has hosted a stream of the album’s fourth epic track, “A Most Trivial Pursuit,” musically containing some of the most somber passages of the album, and some of the storyline’s most pivotal elements.

Listen to “A Most Trivial Pursuit” now AT THIS LOCATION.

The album’s fifth track “Persistence Of Visions” is also streaming via Metal Underground RIGHT HERE.

CYNTHESIS reunites three of the original members of Zero Hour — brothers Jasun and Troy Tipton (guitars and bass, respectively, both also of Abnormal Thought Patterns) and vocalist Erik Rosvold, along with Enchant drummer Sean Flanagan. Their first album DeEvolution began a dystopian trilogy of releases, and now the middle installment of the series is set for release withReEvolution, the engaging storylines of this band’s magnificent anthems as rich as the complex musical arrangements which carry the plot. Mixed and co-produced by Forrester Savell and mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side, ReEvolution boasts forty-five minutes of some of the most imaginative progressive metal of the year. Preorders for the album can be placed here.
“Their music can be equally elusive and engaging, sparking both curiosity and satisfaction. Perhaps these are the best elements of any musical work, progressive rock or not. Recommended. 4/5″ – Dangerdog Music Reviews
“ReEvolution is clean, powerful and straight forward. It’s a progressive head-trip without needing any added sound clips or special effects, save for the layers that give the album its thick, but not overbearing, atmosphere.” – Metal Riot
“… the overall sound of the music will definitely be of interest to fans of prog bands like Suspyre and Dream Theater, and it’s even possible to pick out some interesting Pink Floyd influences from time to time.” – Metal Underground
“Musically, this album flows from gentle acoustic passages to more chaotic guitar riffs and intricate drumming. The album doesn’t feel like just a collection of songs, but a 45 minute long composition that enhances the story.” – We Love Metal



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Press Release: http://www.earsplitcompound.com/site/2013/04/11/cynthesis-prog-metal-supergroup-to-release-second-part-of-dystopian-trilogy/


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Cynthesis ReEvoluton will be released Worldwide June 4th off Sensory Records. Amazon already has it up for pre-order Amazon.com Sensory Records www.lasercd.com will have it for pre-order very soon as well.
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In order for the elites to gain and build a stronger empire the shaman is sent out to the frontier to recruit more individuals. When encountering a certain tribe he soon realizes that they are the very same tribe he was taken from.
He then decides to take them all back to the city to avenge those elites that had caused societies atrocities and to set those who were enslaved free.
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